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Eure Übersetzungsvorschläge für die Zahlungsart PayPal (Ver. 1.2.6)

Code: Select all

// Heading
$_['heading_title']      = 'PayPal';

// Text 
$_['text_payment']       = 'Payment';
$_['text_success']       = 'Success: You have modified PayPal account details!';
$_['text_development']   = '<span style="color: green;">Ready</span>';
$_['text_checkout']      = 'On Checkout';
$_['text_callback']      = 'On Callback';

// Entry
$_['entry_email']        = 'E-Mail:';
$_['entry_encryption']   = 'Encryption Key:';
$_['entry_callback']     = 'Confirm Order:';
$_['entry_test']         = 'Test Mode:';
$_['entry_order_status'] = 'Order Status:';
$_['entry_geo_zone']     = 'Geo Zone:';
$_['entry_status']       = 'Status:';
$_['entry_sort_order']   = 'Sort Order:';

// Help
$_['help_encryption']    = 'Please provider a secret key that will be used to hide the order ID when sending information to PayPal.';
$_['help_callback']      = 'Sometimes PayPal\'s callback can not contact your site so it maybe necessary to confirm the order as your customer leaves the checkout confirm page.';

// Error
$_['error_permission']   = 'Warning: You do not have permission to modify payment PayPal!';
$_['error_email']        = 'E-Mail Required!'; 
$_['error_encryption']   = 'Encryption Key Required!';

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