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Hello Together
I search a specific Marketing Module for Customer Rewards. I don't think that this exists (I searched a Lot).

The module should base on Stamp Cards (collect reward). When the customer reaches the Promotion Total he can generate a pre-defined Coupon Code.

We create a new Promotion in Backoffice.
We can choose many Settings for this Promotion (Products only, categories, cart total) Target is, when the Customer buy's Product X in Time Range January 10 times, he got a Coupon Code for this Product with 10 %.

or other Example:
When the customer is spending $300 in February, he got an $20 Coupon on all.

The customer sees all active Promotions in his customer account (as ex. account/stamps). He sees the actual status (how many he bought and what is left). When he reached all, a button is visible "generate coupon code". Then the system generates a unique coupon code with the pre-defined criterias.
should be compatible with and Journal 2 Theme.

If any one know such a Module, please tell me.
And when not, can anyone make this module? Please contact me!

thank you! O0



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Wrong language section.

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