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As might be expected , I'm going to have a few newbie questioins regarding the install.


1. Take a backup of ALL your files and database.
2. Copy config.php to myconfig.php and admin/config.php to admin/myconfig.php
3. Upload new files and folders.
4. Restore a copy of config.php and admin/config.php

LIne 2.  these are the files in the live cart that you want me to backup ?  And then after the upload of the other new files, I re-upload these two (config.php and admin/config.php), preserving the MY original config data ?


5. Make sure config.php and admin/config.php is writable.
7. Make sure config.php and admin/config.php is are not writable.

I am going to change  the CHMOD from non writable to writable for the above for the upgrade/install,
then chaning it back again to not writable afterwards.

Just want to make sure.  Because I really have no idea what I'm doing.  So I just follow instructions as best I can.  This should be alot easier than the original install and getting it right for the mysql database setup. (as you may or maynot recall). 

I appreciate  your assistance and patience for all we newbies.

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Yes you got it all right

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