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How do I add Product Options?

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How do I add Product Options?

Postby Qphoria » Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:33 am

How do I add Product Options?

Options in OpenCart use a 'pool' method where the options are created separately, and then the products link to them. This lets each product share similar options, but have an individual price for its options.

Creating the Option 'name'
1. In the admin panel, Goto 'Catalog->Option'
2. If the option 'name' you want isn't already there, you can click "Insert" to create a new one.
3. Enter the name of the option for each installed language. For example: 'Material'
4. Click save. You should now see your new option 'name' in the list.

Creating the Option 'values'
1. To the left of each option type in the list is a 'yellow folder icon'. Click that to enter values for each option.
2. On that page, Click "Insert".
3. Enter the first option value. For example: 'Wood'
4. Click save. You should now see your new option 'value' in the list.
5. Repeat for additional values (i.e. 'Plastic', 'Cloth', etc)

Now the option and its values exists in the 'pool'. The next step is to link the product to the option

Linking it to a Product
1. Goto 'Catalog->Product'
2. Find the product you'd like to add an option to, and click the 'yellow folder icon' to the left
3. On this page, Click "Insert".
4. You should have some details to fill out:
Product Options: Choose from the drop down under Material->Wood
Prefix: +/- base product price. $10 product +/- the option price
Price: the option price
Sort order: the order they are listed on the product page.
5. Click Save. And repeat for additional materials

Now on the front page, you should see the new options available.
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