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Great day ^^ I'm new and kinda stuck over here :-(
Any advises if I want the customer select their purchase items from different warehouses, so that they can estimate the shipping rate / pickup options separately. Multiple stores is not a good way to solve it in my situation because that will be too many sub domains to install, and too many installation for opencart per each shop

For example:
Purchase Item A -> Select the stock from warehouse C option (enable to auto deduct stock qty from warehouse C)
Purchase Item B -> Select the stock from warehouse location D option

And then do shipping cost for location C & D or pickup options when check out.

For more details, please take a look in this website.

We can buy the stocks from different warehouses location. And then we are allowed to estimate the multiple stocks' shipping cost, or allowed user to choose store pickup options when check out.

Hope that you got what i am trying to say. And thank you if you are trying to help. Appreciate ^^

Thank you.​



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Then this is, what you need, I guess ?! You just have to
rewrite some Language content, to make it 'understandable' for Users.
Multiple Pickup Locations OC v.2.x ... n_id=20785
Professional Pickup OC v.1.5 ... on_id=6920

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