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Process for Purchasing Extensions (Fraud check)

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 4:26 pm
by jaimiedijstra
Having just purchased an extension and being an innocent victim of the security check for proof of ID before I have access to an extension I have to say how frustrating it is.
I understand the need for security checks, but at the end of the day, I purchased the extension to save me loads of time and lost far more in the process. It pretty much wrecked my day and my next days meeting with my client. Surely this security check could be done when a user creates an account on Opencart to purchase extensions rather than take the money and hold back until someone has time to check on who purchased it?? I use paypal mostly for my online purchasing so they are protecting me, the consumer. I have never experienced a system like this on any other online store or extension directory of any kind. Had my money not been taken and I was given the option to wait for an unknown amount of time or cancel, I would have found another solution elsewhere. Even better if it told me there was a problem with my billing address and IP, I would have remote connected to my computer at home and made the purchase!!! It would have been fine if support were able to handle these fraud checks 24 hours per day (I'm not asking them to do that!) and I could have followed it up and all solved in a couple of hours but I have been left stranded! This will not be a feature in the stores I'm using Opencart for that's for sure, it's over the top.
Please review your procedure on this! If it's all about IP address's and where a person is located globally compared to their billing address this is crazy, most developers are completely mobile, or at least ensure there is someone able to deal with these matters swiftly. I've bought 3 of your extensions and if all goes well, I'll be buying more and additonal licenses for more online stores.
Opencart's fantastic! Fraud check today though has made me :(