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Grey text on grey background

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:14 am
by mosis
Why is the Opencart site using such a ridiculously low contrast theme? You have light grey text on a light grey background, do you even know WHY?
OpenCart's default template is light grey text on a white background, with virtually invisible borders and horizontal lines - WHY? Does your designer actually know WHY they did this?

I can tell you - because it's 'in fashion'. For no other reason.
The fact that it makes your site much more difficult for users to read doesn't matter to you, does it.

I have had to waste an hour changing the CSS on the default Opencart template, so that it's actually visible. Perhaps your designer is trying to mimic the effect of viewing a webpage through cataracts?

When is this stupid, sheeplike web design 'fashion' going to stop? When are we going to go back to colourful, high contrast sites, instead of 'corporate grey'?