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In extension seller, API option is given. (image attached). I have added a link for that. But unfortunatelly, no server to server call is made when someone buy my extension on

I have simply added following code to write response in text file, but even it is also not getting any details. ( i have gone through viewtopic.php?f=110&t=219906&p=823330&h ... pi#p798744 as well as github link too.... But could not find any documentation on it. Basically opencart should create some documentation on it as opencart is getting commission charges when any sell is there... so developer should get more details about it... it is my request ofcourse...)

what I have in my script is as follows :

API Url is :

code in it is :

Code: Select all

$filename = "opencart-sell/webhook_data.txt"; // file is there in this folder
foreach($_POST as $key => $value)
    file_put_contents($filename, "$key: $value\n", FILE_APPEND);
file_put_contents($filename, "----------\n", FILE_APPEND);

///// rest code to receive $_POST values and add it in mysql database....
But even file_put_contents is also not adding any data in text file even when someone buy my extension on with order status - complete...

Where can get documentation on it ?



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OC version. Posted in the wrong forum section.

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