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Hi everyone,

I have looked all over and I cannot find anything that shows development examples in context for the OpenCart system. Specifically, what objects are available in each part of the framework and how to transfer data from a controller to a view.

Does anyone know of an API guide that documents each of the classes that are available in the Opencart framework? I would like to be able to read up on the methods in each class and see a one or two line example of how to pass data around the framework.



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I have been looking for similar resources, and have yet to find anything, so am in the process of creating my own. There is one list of OC 'Global Libary Methods' published by Qphoria, back in 2010 that refers to OC ver 1.4. There could be others that I have not found yet.

Here it is: . Maybe it could do with updating for OC ver 1.5.

A useful tutorial list that you have probably seen before:

Strikes me that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of OC users out there and a fair number of programmer/developers who are building extensions and templates, but not much in the way of technical resources to assist in learning the fundamentals of its structure and methodology. There are quite a number of useful tutorials that go into specific modifications to acheive specific changes, and those are helpful if they line up with the issue that you have.

My situation is that I am learning PHP and OC at the same time, so cannot claim any real expertise atm. I am slowly working my way through the OC structure, line by line, and hope eventually to map all of the classes, and calls into a useful reference format, primarily for my own use, but hopefully I will eventually get to the point of understanding and accuracy that could be useful to others.

Not much help I am afraid at this point in time. I would make one suggestion, and that is that there is currently no OC community forum that is a safe place to ask dumb technical questions.



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Post by haosmark » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:00 am ... n&path=111
this is your only reference I guess. You should also download DIY module and read through the comments, it will definitely help you.
this is how you pass data from controllers to views:
$this->data['view_variable_goes_here'] = $php_to_pass;

Personally I was really excited about starting my shop with OC and was looking forward to bringing my PHP know-how to the next level with the help of OC, but since there's no reference to this framework I just dropped this idea all together. Going through uncommented code and trying to figure out what every class does is a huge pain.
Now I'm just using OC as my placeholder shop while learning Yii framework, then once I'm ready, I'll redesign my store with the help of what I've learned from OC structure and solid Yii docs.

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