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Currently, in v3.1.0.0x releases on GitHub, the admin GDPR cron task file suggests to load all customers which their GDPR expiration date has reached its limit point. However, since it uses a loop to validate this, the methodology currently provided might be good for the first few hundreds of users but may not be suggested to be used for stores that handles several thousands of them as it may decreasingly optimize your stores.

In order to rectify this issue, in your admin/controller/cron/gdpr.php file,

replace the entire file with the following, instead:

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class ControllerCronGdpr extends Controller {
	public function index($cron_id, $code, $cycle, $date_added, $date_modified) {

Then, in your admin/model/customer/gdpr.php file,


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public function deleteGdpr($customer_id) {
		$this->db->query("DELETE FROM `" . DB_PREFIX . "customer_gdpr` WHERE customer_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'");
add below:

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public function deleteExpiredCustomers() {
		$expiry = (time() - 60 * 60 * 24 * (int)$this->config->get('config_gdpr_limit'));
		$this->db->query("DELETE FROM `" . DB_PREFIX . "customer`, `" . DB_PREFIX . "customer_gdpr` USING `customer`,`customer_gdpr` WHERE `customer_gdpr`.`customer_id` = `customer`.`customer_id` AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`customer_gdpr`.`date_added`) < '" . (int)$expiry . "' AND `customer_gdpr`.`status` = '1'");
This should resolved the issue as only one simple query may be needed in order to validate all customers with GDPR without a loop statement.

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