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Hi! I just finished working with a store on 1.3.2 and I'm starting a new one with 1.4.8.. my first impression is the absense of the layout, I visit the forums regularly and I alredy knew this wasn't here anymore but my question is: what if I want to make a "module" for the center page? or want to put the breadcrubms on the center? or any kind of stuff I want to put in the center....... in the old layout I just put all of that in the "content" div, bue where should I put it now? I just can't find a SIMPLE way to do this ???

If want to see what I'm talking about, visit my previous store at (rigth modules now deleted, just left and center)

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I agree.. the old layout.tpl made this much easier.

Daniel has mentioned that we could look at putting the layout file back, but there is more to discuss on that topic.

For now, you can add it to the individual sections.

Now there are separate column_left and column_right tpl files for sidebox stuff
For main content stuff, you can use the children array in the controller file for each individual controller.
or just add the html to the individual controller tpl files.

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