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I have to develop a new payment module for my payment provider. I am fairly proficient in PHP and the MVC pattern, but as a starting point, I'm looking for a good template or possibly _any_ documentation for payment modules.

Is there a shipping module which might be used for payment process, which will send the user to the payment providers page, where he will execute the payment (or abort it) and my OpenCart gets called back on a specific URL. (Just like PayPal)

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Well you answered your own question. If you want a module to act like paypal, then just take a look at the paypal module. Or you can look at some of the free payment extensions in the extensions area.

1. First look here to understand the directory structure: ... ion&path=6
(for payment modules there are 7 files as there is no admin/model for payment)

2. Then look at all 7 pp_standard files and copy them to a separate structure that uses the same directory layout. That will be your base for archiving it all.

3. Rename all the file names to your new name (e.g. super_pay.php)

4. Globally replace the words:
- "PPStandard" with "SuperPay" (match case) in all *.php files (This is the class namespace, so leave out spaces and underscores)
- "pp_standard" with "super_pay" (match case) in all *.php & *.tpl files (this is for file matching, so include underscores if using one)

5. Now you should have your base. Upload the files into your store. They should all upload right next to their buddies of the same type.

6. Now make the edits you need for fields, wording, placement, etc.

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