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JNeuhoff wrote:
Petrache Nicolae wrote: may i ask if you personaly made a website in wich you loaded 300+ products with several images for each product, product by product? you would realised why i ask this.
Images should really be uploaded via FTP, much faster and simpler. Then product data can easily be uploaded via the Export/Import tool.

The CKEditor can easily be configured in admin/view/javascript/ckeditor/config.js.

It would only take a simple Google search to find it all.
i do upload all my pictures with folder structure directly via ftp- did you imagine that i lost time in OC to create 3904 folders and subfolders and than load the pictures one at a time? just to end up with that stupid limitation of size and dimension of the pictures?

the product data can be uploaded via your import export tool wich i use but it has it's limitations like multilanguage for instance? or to mention a bug- put products in grams and put 1500 grams for a product, load it and check the value that your module has taken -999 grams....

for the ckeditor i have already posted a solution that i have found on a website -how to replace it with a new version (is it so hard for daniel toreplace the editor in the new versions of OC?)

you shoulded sean all these things in the pictures that i have atached and olso you miss the point.
why opencart can not be like any modern platform wich has integrated by default certain features like import export, product filtering based on atributes and so on? we have to dig for some features that has to be by default, not to make experiments with free or payed contributions that covers this missings from OC.

start making websites you and daniel and qphoria and populate them with 1000 products or more with simple opencart (so no modifications for import export) to understand my point.


Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:43 pm

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it's an open source app that you paid $0 for; what are you complaining about?
there are bunch of alternatives, free and paid, yet you using OC.

How about paying someone to develop your exact modification needs and share them with the rest of us (for free) instead of bitching?

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Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:52 pm
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