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Hello friends

How can i get data from another, preventing using twice same scripts?

For example, im making a simple module which needs to get some datas from category
In this case: Category Description, and total products...

It would be inside content(to add at some layout on left/right columns)
So probably at this time, before run the module, controller/prodcut/category.php has already run.

How can i get (for example)

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Directly from controller/prodcut/category.php

To run {{ product_total }} at my extension twig file?

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Post by OSWorX » Mon May 07, 2018 3:57 am

Simply call like:

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$data['product_total'] = $this->load->controller( 'controller/prodcut/category/FUNCTION_HERE' );
Where it could be that, you have to hand over an array to this function - if this function require one.

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