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myopen wrote:Learn to accept criticism, both positive and negative, and to respond to what you think.
I think I've done just that. I have respected your opinion the whole time. But it is only YOUR opinion. It seems you can't accept the criticism that nobody else agrees with your opinion. And somehow I'm the target and the bad guy because I have the highest priced modules available. But they are also a high value of work. Interfacing with payment gateways, being sure that sensitive data is properly handled and verification from fraudulent payments. I think people want that, and it takes a lot of extra work to ensure security. So a few extra bucks is extremely fair.
Your last response is very childish ... and has nothing to do with the speech modules.
I suppose this thread has gone down that path from the start. It is a very immature way of thinking that everyone's work should be free just because you don't like paying and your concept of value is different than someone elses. But as I said, I have no problem with you sharing your opinion as long as you realize that it is only an opinion.
Then .. I'll tell you ... your help in the forum, in 70% of the time broke through to your site advertising the sale of modules ... I think so you take a big advertising and is well worth your help / support. rest back to the same idea on the value of modules OpenCart ...
I offer help in many ways... depending on the issue, if it is something that requires a lot of work I will offer commercial support. If it is something that can be done quickly I will give it free. If it is some commercial module that I already did for other people then I will link them to buy it. That is still helping them. They have a need. I fulfill that need for them.

Some people don't have TVs, so they are shown an advertisement in the "Free" newspaper that shows that TV's are available for $800. But it's a free paper! So all the advertised TV's should be free!?!

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