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If the module is not generally interesting,
I ask for a custom quote

Sorry, this is a copy of my Post at "video for a product". But these threat was solved - also i think i should start a new threat. I am not looking for a QaD Solution like save the Embed-Code of a Video in the Description ... I prefer a solution that the sale of the articles supported....

Also :
Video is a very important thing for OnlineSelling. Look here for example:

I Think also, that Daniel or another Coder can realize this very easy ...

It is not neccessary, that there is a videoupload.
I think its always OK if the Coder makes a ALTERNATE Link for the Images ...
so a Image (Thumbnail) can be connected with a video (youtube).
This Video can be open in the Lightbox ... like the "BigImage" now.

If the pic has a link, then the pic is using another Style! Also the Customer can realize in the Product-Cart that this Image is a link to Video... (see attachment)..

It should be done in few minutes!!!



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That looks really good, hope its put into the core



Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:27 am
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