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The Category Customer Group extension allows merchants to keep track of the customer groups
as well as restricting categories and sub-categories to specific customer groups.

A module is also included in order to monitor any deletion of the customer group IDs from
the admin-end. A chronologic file is located into the admin root folder called: ccg_cron.php.
This file path can be added into the host panel's cron tabs to initiate a lookup upon specific
time period. A log file has been included with this module in order to monitor each changes.

Take note that if you do NOT wish to initiate this cron file, you do NOT need to upload it nor
to install the module other than using the XML file and both model folders from the ZIP file.

Followed with the initiated cron file, two additional SQL fields must be added into the main category
table from PHPMyAdmin or similar console you might be using.

Note: The XML file searches for lines that may require editing to avoid conflict with other contributions
you might be using. Support cannot be provided for other compatibility over other XML files.

Contribution: ... n_id=26537

There are no demos. However, I will provide screenshots shortly.

This topic is also available for support on this contribution.

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