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I recently coded up a dead-simple method to allow all-SSL store connections. It would be cool to see this added to the core OpenCart code.

The discussion thread on this is:

Basically, you can make all in-store links use "https" simply by using an https:// store URL in the admin panel. Currently the "index.php" code assumes the store URL will start with "http://" so it breaks when you use https. The following change fixes that assumption.

Simply change the following line:

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   define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://' . substr($config->get('config_url'), 7));

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   $config_url = $config->get('config_url');
   define('HTTPS_SERVER', ($config_url{4} == 's' ? $config_url : 'https://' . substr($config_url, 7)));

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