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I have an issue since 4 months that we have never received to resolve.
In November 2011, I did the transfer from my old server to my new server of my complete website + database. Everything was working , The only issue that I have now it s regarding the issue with my mysql database and the EXTENSION EXPORT/IMPORT TOOL ... order=DESC

I use this extension on my opencart for my domain and my sub-domain
For the database of (subdomain), i can do the export from my opencart without any problem. From the of, I CAN NOT do the export from my opencart module .I think it s an issue with the database. When I am doing the export to an excel document from my suddomain everything is fine and i have an excel document with all the details/product. When I am doing the same with my main domain (different database), I can download the excel document but when I open it, inside the excel document I have nothing except an error message

The error message is :
Error: Incorrect key file for table '/tmp/#sql_2a7e_0.MYI'; try to repair it<br />Error No: 126<br />SELECT p.product_id,, GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT CAST(pc.category_id AS CHAR(11)) SEPARATOR "," ) AS categories, p.sku, p.location, p.quantity, p.model, AS manufacturer, p.image AS image_name, p.shipping, p.price, p.date_added, p.date_modified, p.date_available, p.weight, wc.unit, p.length, p.width, p.height, p.status, p.tax_class_id, p.viewed, p.sort_order, pd.language_id, ua.keyword, pd.description, pd.meta_description, pd.meta_keywords, p.stock_status_id, mc.unit AS length_unit, p.subtract, p.minimum, p.cost, GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT CAST(pr.related_id AS CHAR(11)) SEPARATOR "," ) AS related, GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT pt.tag SEPARATOR "," ) AS tags FROM `dsaproduct` p LEFT JOIN `dsaproduct_description` pd ON p.product_id=pd.product_id AND pd.language_id=1 LEFT JOIN `dsaproduct_to_category` pc ON p.product_id=pc.product_id LEFT JOIN `dsaurl_alias` ua ON ua.query=CONCAT('product_id=',p.product_id) LEFT JOIN `dsamanufacturer` m ON m.manufacturer_id = p.manufacturer_id LEFT JOIN `dsaweight_class_description` wc ON wc.weight_class_id = p.weight_class_id AND wc.language_id=1 LEFT JOIN `dsalength_class_description` mc ON mc.length_class_id=p.length_class_id AND mc.language_id=1 LEFT JOIN `dsaproduct_related` pr ON pr.product_id=p.product_id LEFT JOIN `dsaproduct_tags` pt ON pt.product_id=p.product_id AND pt.language_id=1 GROUP BY p.product_id ORDER BY p.product_id, pc.category_id;

Can you help me.. It s working for one database (subdomain), but not for the other (domain).
My opencart version is a . (for the 2 domains)
The only difference that I see between the 2 databases, is that on is bigger that the other 10.29 MB other 6.5MB, but I am sure this is not why I have this issue. The 2 databases are on the same server. (godaddy dedicated server)
Directly on mysql, I have no issue to do import and export.

Please let me know if some one can help me
Thanks in advance




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