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Hello there.

I know this question sound a little bit stupid but i want to ask regarding open cart as i have no prior knowledge in using opencart before.

Currently I am developing an ecommerce site using open cart for my client and their requirement are as below:

1)the site must be able to support multiple merchant in a single website.Each merchant must have their own account
so that they can modify/add/delete/add their own product without touching other people product categories.

2)the buyer that want to buy the merchant product must buy a minimum total of amount before they can checkout their shopping cart.

3)a notification system that can notify related merchant through email if their product have been ordered by the buyer

So,is it possible to do all of these in opencart?If yes,can anyone give me suggestion/idea/information related to this matter.All help are greatly appreciated.Thanks.



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Not so much "multiple accounts", more like multiple vendors. See viewtopic.php?f=123&t=48155

Modules for OpenCart
Homepage Module [Free - since OpenCart 0.7.7]
Multistore Extensions
Store Manager Multi-Vendor/Multi-Store management tool

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