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Change VqMods to OcMods, the easy Way !

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:27 am
This very needy Online-Tool converts VqMod files into OcMod files, so, it will be very easy,
to automatically 'rework' likely most all existing VqMods into OcMods, in an OC-2+ Installation,
in order to avoid, two different Caching-Systems to do the same Job, one after the other, in
an OC just a plain overkill. At least for those, looking for upmost best overall Performance. ;)

And it enables (Peku's enhanced) OC-1.5.6.x Users, to now easy make use of built-in 'OcMod' Function
in Peku's free responsive OC v.2. to v.1.5.6.x - Theme Extension and the OC Version,
to eventually fully change to exclusive OC 1.5.6.x - OcMod, instead of further using VqMod ...
Still, it may not work better, but different, for sure ! :laugh:
And one could eventually make ALL such OcModded Extensions be Part of the Default OC-Source,
in a very easy way, by just moving entire Cached Subs!
Just to mention this, if would still be the ultimate Pro way, to get a 'final' built OC going perfect!
OC v.2 Theme to OC v.1.5.6, free: ... n_id=23641
OpenCart Edge v. / OC v.2.0.3.x Theme built-in, free: ... n_id=27779
Extension Section: (it's no Extension, just a Link to the Site): ... n_id=28183
Direct Link to the Online Tool:
I made a short test, and it seems to work perfect, as it can be seen
in the Zip File enclosed below:

And just to make sure, that large OcMod Content can be 'handled'
by the DB, this Extension, containing a DB Query Command Line,
created by Peku, could also be of help:
Change XML column Type ... n_id=20691
Good Work , I love it ! :D
PS. The only Thing missing now is the plain contrary Tool, changing from OcMod to VqMod ! :laugh: