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I need someone to create me an extension. Please if you are interested send me a message with the price.
What I want the extension to do.

I bought an extension that gives the ability to any one to insert their products as seller and sell it (like amazon).

The owner of this extension made me some changes but i cant find him to make the latest change.

What he did until now.

1) When someone login into his seller account he can add his product and choose where he want to send it (Cyprus , Greece , International).

2) He calculate the shippings between sellers. If someone buy two products from two different sellers calculate the whole amount for the check out.

What else I need.

My website is audience for Greece and Cyprus.

If someone when he register as a seller he have to choose in which country he is coming from. If he is not from Greece or Cyprus he will not get accepted. That works fine.

My shipping is based on Cyprus.

So that I want to do if a seller choose that he is from Greece when someone checkout with him products to show the quotation of Greece and not Cyprus. (I will add Geozone for Greece also).

Those speicifc geozones I want to calculate it ONLY if the seller is from Greece.

Can anyone help me? f anyone interested please send me his skype

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Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:47 am
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