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As an extension developer, I receive a lot of pre-sales questions like "will it work with Extension XYZ?". I also receive a lot of related requests to make an extension I developed compatible with an extension developed by someone else. I often find myself repeating the same answers to common questions, so I made a FAQ and addressed this particular sort of concern under Question #3:
"3. Is this extension compatbile with extension 'XYZ'? Can it be integrated to work with features from another extension?"
Here's my answer, which includes a table that draws an analogy between building a new OpenCart website and getting a new car (click on it to visit the page on my demo website):
I thought I'd share my own answer, which can be found at ... _id=8#faq3, not just to potentially help others, but to ask other developers out there for their feedback: do y'all have any comments, your own response to this sort of question to share, or anything else to add? Thanks!

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