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Hello there,

I'm looking to create a product "set" based on the individual products in the store. It would be comprised of 3 different unique products (that are already existing products). I need the stock to be updated automatically if the set is purchased or one of the individual products are purchased.

For example:
SET of belt, jean, shirt : 10 quantity

That means that in my stock there are:
Belt : 10 quantity
Jean: 10 quantity
Shirt: 10 quantity

If someone buys one (1) set then all the individual products as well as the SET to have quantity 9 in the stock

But, if someone buys one (1) Belt, i want the SET to automatic have quantity 9..

I've searched many extensions but didn't find anything like this. Any help it would appreciated..

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Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:11 pm
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