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Hoping someone can help with this problem.
On our page under preserves pepper jelly. Is there a way to set things so that when ordering preserves, the only option for shipping that will show would be"pick up at store" and how would that work if a customer added preserves and say a non preserve item (that would normall be shipped) to their shopping cart?
Thanks anyone who can help or offer suggestions.


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You can use Restrict Shipping Methods to limit which shipping methods appear when certain products are in the cart. However, because OpenCart only allows a single Shipping line item, you need to decide what behavior you want if both types of products are in the cart:

1. Disable all shipping methods, showing the "no shipping methods" error message. You could change the text to something like, "Your cart contains regular items and pick-up only items", in /catalog/language/english/checkout/checkout.php

2. Show only the "Pick-up From Store" option, and require that all items be picked up from the store.

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