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I WILL PAY someone for this (please give me a quote):

I need a way to associate each downloadable product (already in the 'download' folder) with its product listing WITHOUT having to do so in the Admin area (since I have thousands of download products). I think that this can be done with the export/import module, importing the downloadable file name along with the product info).

I know that the product_to_download table in the database associates the product_id and download_id data.

I'm using Qphoria's DOWNLOAD AUTO-INSERT mod to easily add the downloadable products to the 'download' folder via FTP. I would be willing to pay someone to alter the Export/Import mod or Qphoria's mod to allow me to automatically associate downloads with their product listings. I would like to keep the auto-encrypting of the filename if possible (where the OpenCart script adds random characters before the filename to prevent someone from guessing its name).

OpenCart 1.4

PLEASE help.

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