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I am looking for a different thing to get a product returns system better than the default one.

I have some problems to manage correctly my returns. I have a clothes store and for example in the case a client want to change the size (option) of one of the clothes he ordered there is no way to do that in the returns system. So in a probably situation that someone buy for example a t-shirt of size L and after arriving home he think that M size would be better for him and want to return the L one to get a M one. How will be the correct procedure?

For me would be easy something like edit the order and mark as "return" due to the size change and then somethink like add the new product to that order and in the invoice see like Product change -15.00€. New Product 15.00€ or something like that in order to have clear what happened with that order.

So there is any mod to improve the products returns in Opencart?

Also if I edit the order and change the size of the product the stock is updated correctly?

Thank you so much.

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