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Some of you may find this useful, especially for larger stores. It's just a very simple jquery scroll to top. As OC as jquery built in it only requires 2 steps.

Before the </body> and after the last div on the footer.tpl (depends on your theme) add:

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<p><a href="#top" class="scroll">Go Top</a></p>
and after the </html> code add:

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<script type="text/javascript">
		//prevent the default action for the click event

		//get the full url - like mysitecom/index.htm#home
		var full_url = this.href;

		//split the url by # and get the anchor target name - home in mysitecom/index.htm#home
		var parts = full_url.split("#");
		var trgt = parts[1];

		//get the top offset of the target anchor
		var target_offset = $("#"+trgt).offset();
		var target_top =;

		//goto that anchor by setting the body scroll top to anchor top
		$('html, body').animate({scrollTop:target_top}, 500);


You can style it any way you like!;)

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I was actually looking for something else but I'm glad I found here.

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