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Basic footer Question

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:52 pm
by BSOScout

I've been spending hours and hours (soon to be months) reworking the lay out on my store. and maybe I'm just burnt out but I'm having some issues getting the display correct on some of the pages.

For some reason, Under information the Privacy policy and all the other pages are formatted correctly.
However my terms and conditions page, the text is a different colour.. I have logged into the admin panel and I cant see anything wrong with the formatting?
Please see the comparison of the two attached items.

Also, on my Site Map, formatting is again the issue. Randomly the 'Information' header has decided not to be in bold. (Check attachment)

And I noticed this site map displays 'Downloads' when i believe I have hidden it on every page, Why had it popped up here? how can I hide it.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Re: Basic footer Question

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:40 am
by anung
In sitemap.tpl
Maybe you forgot to remove this code.

Code: Select all

<li><a href="<?php echo $download; ?>"><?php echo $text_download; ?></a></li>
To make Information "bold" put <a></a> on this code

Code: Select all

<li><?php echo $text_information; ?>

Code: Select all

<li><a><?php echo $text_information; ?></a>
For your Terms and Conditions page it will be more easier if you provide your site address.

Re: Basic footer Question

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:00 pm
by BSOScout
Thanks for the reply.. I fixed the terms and conditions. for some reason it kept the formatting from the program I wrote it in. Not to worry.

I will have look around and see where that code is. Thanks

Re: Basic footer Question

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:00 pm
by amdev
Thanks too!!!

Re: Basic footer Question

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:23 pm
by sanshay
i have that too because the text you copy and paste is in word doc and not plain text, you can fix this whit notepad.
When you copy and paste this first in notepad and then copy from notepad and paste in the editor form.

Hope this helped you.