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Internet Explorer 9 Problem!

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:07 pm
by ShaneTFletcher
Ok so I started to create a website using, of course, Opencart and decided to place it on a localhost (WAMP). Things was going very well.

What I did was copy files from the default to another folder and customized the css for my needs.
HOWEVER! I decided to see if Google Chrome, Firefox and IE9 was playing nice with my website so I tested Google Chrome (as its my default browser), this worked fine. I next tried Firefox, this was still working great. Then internet Explorer 9!!!!

Well, lets just say this. I have attached a screenshot to what my website looked like within IE9.

I decided to take off Nivoslider and enabled the default slideshow, I used Nivoslider as I prefer the options of animations etc. When I did this, IE9 played nicer and made everything nice but no slideshow appeared!

From this, I switched the template to default and tested in all browser, it worked FINE!!!!!!

If I worked from the default theme (css, header.tpl etc), how can IE9 not work on my theme but works on the default?

Oh, also to add - I checked my css file and the defaults css file. I added some coding which IE9 may need but nothing changed!

Re: Internet Explorer 9 Problem!

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:29 pm
by ShaneTFletcher
Ok so I found the problem!

The problem was that I deleted the menu and created it from scratch. However, when I deleted the menu I didn't delete a line of code.
I just simply added the default menu code in the header.tpl, modified the code and works just fine!

Quite stupid that only IE9 only picked this up!!!