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I am looking for a template to be created. It has to be pci compliant for sales if possible. I am new to opencart and have looked around for ever and tried it out as an example and loved it! However, I am a designer not a developer and would requre someone to make me a customized template based on the requirements below. I also have an excel sheet with complete details if someone was to email me, I would send it to them for further analysis of the price and such.

Here is some of the requirements from my client I would require.

Hello Steve,

We have put together a list of requirements, short term and long term, that we would like to consider when designing our corporate website. You will find them in the attached excel file. Please notice that the requirements are categorized by segments in multiple tabs. The Purple requirements are preferably for immediate setup. As for the green and blue requirements are for next stages, respectively, in our web conception. Notice that I would appreciate that you inform me if any of the blue or green requirements go hand in hand with any immediate requirements. Thus could be done immediately without two much work.
Please "X" (in column A)the requirement that are included in your proposal. You can also comment on requirements if you deem necessary(in column C).

We also would like to include the following

- Welcome, about us, contact us, delivery policies, admin logging, user logging, products, site map pages
- the Site will have access to US customers (English only) and another access to Canadian (in French and English) sites.
- Communication with CRM and finance software necessary
- Logo design
- Developed HTML and CSS3. The website must be mobile friendly.
- The transactions must be PCI compliant
- designed based on SEO best practice
- Open to Social media applications
- Secure database and backup database
- Please precise if some of your proposition is open source and which segments they are.

We have not setup our domain name nor decided on hosting company.
Please provide us with the design delay as well as the bug free warranty duration.

Finally upon delivery, we require that the developer provides the following:

-testing environment
-live environment
-source code
-database scheme
-web hosting credentials

The website will be validated by an Tries party IT consultant. Please use clear and precise comments.

We would like to make our decision early next week.Therefore, obtaining your response by end of day Friday would be great. I apolagize for such a short delay and appreciate the time that you have taken to consider our project.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

So if anyone is interested in working with me in this project and with opencart ( has to be cause I love it ) please email me. After which the project is doem and completed, I will donate 5 - 10 % to opencart community or project in reapect to the developers.

My email is

You can also add me on Skype if you wish to talk - my id = gobrowebsites

Thank you all!

PS - I really need to get quote in by tomorrow!


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You can pm me regarding custom template design only project.
For any extensions programming need, search the extension database. If still can't find your answer, then there are lots of programmers you can hire to do any coding work.


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