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Hello , should be a simple enough request. Just wondering where i can locate the file so i can change the colour of "checkout" to white so people do not click it but use google checkout. I am only want to change the colour as i will need it later on when i add paypal.

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In catalog/view/theme/yourtheme/template/checkout/cart.tpl

Go down to near the bottom and you will find

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<td align="right"><a onclick="location = '<?php echo str_replace('&', '&', $checkout); ?>'" class="button"><span><?php echo $button_checkout; ?></span></a></td>
So to add a style making it white you would change to

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<td align="right"><a style="color:#ffffff;" onclick="location = '<?php echo str_replace('&', '&', $checkout); ?>'" class="button"><span><?php echo $button_checkout; ?></span></a></td>
But a better thing to do would be to comment it out if you really don't want people clicking it for now. You can remove the comment tags when you then need it again.

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<td align="right"><!--<a onclick="location = '<?php echo str_replace('&', '&', $checkout); ?>'" class="button"><span><?php echo $button_checkout; ?></span></a>--></td>

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