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Hello all,

I use OC and I look for a way to receive also "client info" in order confirmation that I receive on my e-mail. Right now, I receive just the list of items ordered.

My webshop can be found here:

How can I do this?

Any help will be greatly apreciated,

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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:22 am

I always used one of those for all of my OC's up to v., but I am really not sure,
if "@tik"s Mod still works in v. Versions. It did not, by first check again!
"@tik" Copy customer order confirmation for owner free, OC v. 1.5.6: ... on_id=6371
BUT this one does, as it can be seen on the image enclosed! :D
Detailed Admin Order Notification Email (VQMod) free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... on_id=4137

detailled_admin_email_notification.jpg (20.3 KiB) Viewed 1170 times

Some other Goodies, related to this, just to mention them :D
Admin Notification and Shortcut free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=23872
Unsuccessful orders free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=27060
Admin Notificator on Drop Down Menu free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=20242
Shipping address in admin confirmation mail free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=13547
User comments in order email free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=13676
Admin Confirmation Reply-to free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=20353
PDF email notification free, OC v. 1.5.6.x: ... n_id=22777
Notifications New Order free OC v.2.x: ... n_id=27677
Technical Information:
Fixing the Email issue with OpenCart 1.5 ... ifications
How to set up Email Alerts in OpenCart 1.5 ... ail-alerts
--- ... rt&num=100
Good Luck ! ;)



admin Order Copy OC v.1.5.6.x - admin_order_copy_oc156.jpg (195.07 KiB) Viewed 1166 times

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