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I am currently editing some parts of my template and need some help with the various changes listed below. Thanks if you can help.

1: On the homepage, is is possible to make the store description smaller? I feel it's taking up to much room because half of it is empty.

2: What code would I use to retrieve the manufacturers logo? I have worked out how to add it in, but I'm not sure how to make it retrieve the image.

3: I am wanting to change the create profile page to just have some text. How would I do this?

4: On the login page, I am wanting to delete the create account table on the left and just have the login table in the centre. On 1.4.7 you just had to remove lines 18-45, but this time that didn't work. Does anyone know how I would change this?

5: How do I remove the sub-total from my cart. I am just wanting to show the total as there is no tax etc.

6: How do I make order comments mandatory during the checkout process?

7: How do I make the order comments a mandatory object during checkout?

8: How do I add my brands (manufacturers) to my site map?
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