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Dear all,
At the OpenCart back office, there are many menus such as "Dashboard, Catalog, Extensions, Sales, System, Reports, Help", I call these are the main menu, and also have each submenus except "Dashboard".
Why not give the main menu default link value instead of a blank link.

For example:
the orders page is the most popular link of the "main munu" Sales, so why not add the link "Orders" to the Sales button, and the submenu function are still work.

how to change?
You need to modify this file:

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<div id="menu">
after this line, the place is where we want.

for the Catalog, I add the product link as the default link:

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<li id="catalog"><a class="top"><?php echo $text_catalog; ?></a>
change to:
ps: you can find the "product" link on the "submenus" of the "catalogs"

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<li id="catalog"><a class="top" href="<?php echo $product; ?>"><?php echo $text_catalog; ?></a>
main menu "Sales", add orders link:

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<li id="sale"><a class="top"><?php echo $text_sale; ?></a>
change to:

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<li id="sale"><a class="top" href="<?php echo $order; ?>"><?php echo $text_sale; ?></a>

Also you can change the others as you needed.

That's all,
Thank you.

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