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Hi there,

We run a wholesale company, with our customers only able to purchase on login. We dropship for many of them, so these customers regularly use differing delivery addresses. The problem is, when checking out, many are accidentally entering their delivery details in the Payment Address section (as well as Shipping) and then we are having to manually fix this after, adding in their correct payment address. This is a right pain!

We've tried changing the text (bold and in red), but that hasn't worked! They see the address option and think it's for delivery even thought it states it's not.

I've also just hidden the 'Use another address' option, so hopefully that will make a difference (editing this file: /catalog/view/theme/default/template/checkout/payment_address.tpl, adding in style="display:none" a couple of times). It won't however prevent them from selecting an address that isn't their default one though (again, they might think they're choosing the delivery and pick a different one).

What we'd like is for the Payment Address to only show the customers default address, and not offering the choice of any other addresses. We still want the Shipping address to function as normal. If they want to edit their default address they can do that in My Account.

The other thing is that because some will be sending to so many different addresses, the Payment Address section will get clogged up with old addresses. It's fine for the Shipping one to be like that, but not the other one.

Is there any chance that someone might know how to tweak the code to do this?!


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no replies? out of interest - im looking to operate in a similar way. i want to allow my sales accounts to login, place an order for their customer and have it shipped to their address; how do you find opencart copes with so many individual addresses added to the database?

also - for some reason at the moment i cant add a new delivery address at checkout... any idea why this might be?


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