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Hello :)

I am having difficulties getting two modules to show on the home page.

I am using Category Menu Pro as my main menu. In my Theme files I always include:

Code: Select all

So it appears on all pages.

Category Menu Pro Module is then set to Layout: default and Position: Column Left.

Next I want to add a slider/featured/best seller modules to the home page only.

I create a new 'Layout' called Slider and Set the 'Route' to 'common/home'.

Then in the Slideshow module settings I select 'Layout' Slider and 'Position' Top.

Now when I view my home page, the menu has disappeared but the Slider is there. The menu is still on all other pages?

Please lend a hand :)

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Post by Jacob » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:26 pm

Oh no, is my post unclear?

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