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Depending on the type of system Set up filter cleaning can Be done by in-house employees as part of routine mechanical maintenance, although the cleaning programme has to be drawn up. But more advanced extraction methods should have professional cleaning.

Ross Smith, a manager of Bright Hygiene Management, charms out The threat of neglecting filter cleaning. "A badly cleaned extraction process is a fuel-loaded mobile over a heating source," he states. "You don't get a lot worse fire hazard compared to that."
Smith says that a problem which he sees comes from the Form of old ventilation systems that were sufficient when installed but which cannot meet modern structure and safety standards. He says:"There's an awful lot of retro-fitting happening with older resorts, and more is required."
The frequency of cleaning ventilation ducting and filters Is based on the amount of frying. A restaurant where small frying is completed might have months between recommended cleanings, even though a busy food pub could require cleaning as often as once a fortnight. An expert ductwork cleaning firm should evaluate the frequency required.
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While some metal filters may be washed in house, the ducting Must be professionally cleaned, also it helps to have hard proof that a suitable care routine was followed. 1 duct-cleaning company, the Filta Group, now offers a new proof-of-service history by employing digital cameras to record signs of fantastic cleaning practice. While the Majority of the warmth in the kitchen goes into the food being Cooked, a whole lot is lost into the atmosphere and goes out through the venting system. All heat costs money and fresh heat is wasted money - that is why Calorex Heat Pumps is pushing to the commercial kitchen market with heat-extraction systems which can take the heat from the air and put it to use. The Union Cafe at the Marylebone district of west London has Just such a calorific market program, extracting the heat from the kitchen and recycling it in the hot-water system, saving on energy costs and producing a much better working environment.

But the cash benefits of recycling and saving heating are not Restricted to the kitchen. In the Hundred House resort in Shropshire, the air units in the wine cellar are linked into the warm water system. By taking heat from the wine cellar, the hotel can produce 30 gallons of hot water an hour. These are layers of metal mesh to that contaminants are Deposited as they are drawn through the system. Not normally recommended for kitchens with a lot of deep-fat skillet.
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Baffle filters More efficient than net filters, these work by Making the atmosphere change direction and speed, which separates the dirt from the air flow. The deposited grease runs into grease-collection troughs.
Stainless steel filters that are more efficient than baffle Filters, being designed for medium to heavy dirt load applications. These filters may be cleaned in a dishwasher. A more innovative cartridge system in which the filters are Subject to an automatic internal washing cycle to clean themusually at the end of the working day. They require a hot water supply and are one of the more expensive systems, but are very good at extracting dirt.
A very effective means of grease extraction, but requires Plumbing and could be prohibitively costly for a restaurant. A constant mist of cold water sprayed into the extraction system emulsifies the fat and causes it to fall to a collection trough.The latest technology to the efficient elimination of chlorine out of kitchen ventilation systems would be the mix of cartridge filters and ultraviolet UV-C light. This will give grease- and - odour-removal efficiencies in excess of 98%. The water wash system fitted in the Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Research by Vent Master automatically cleans the filters overnight
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"A badly cleaned extraction system is a fuel-loaded cell Above a heat source. You don't get a much worse fire hazard than that"
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cannot longer be used on most servers, you have to rewrite your BOTH
config.php files, to now use mysqli.php ! And depending on your
1.5 Version, you need to download a mysqli.php file from the OC extension
section, if you have no such file in your system/database/... directory

Code: Select all

// DB
define('DB_DRIVER', 'mysqli');

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