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Hi everyone! This is my first post for me so thank you in advance for whatever you share here!

I have a brand new e-commerce project in front of me and I'm investigating my options. I have been using various platforms and Drupal for years (since v4) but I'm disappointed in the direction that v8 has taken. What I have really liked about Drupal is that it's open-source, has excellent module selections, customizations, and really strong support. I can see how OpenCart has parallels. I'm saddened that you depend on a marketplace but I understand that people need to benefit somehow for their efforts. I'm very interested in this ecom system - it looks promising to me - but I've never used it. If I commit to it and recommend it I'm looking for the confidence to know that it won't fall short partway into a project.

So - here are my questions, knowing that I'm asking users, fans and dedicated devs:
  • Looking at it objectively, is OpenCart a viable solution when compared to a mature system like Drupal?
  • When you consider the Drupal structure, the level of module selections, and community support available in that CMS how close do you consider OpenCart gets to this? What percentage and why?
  • What are the general pains are as well as the gains. Feature lists don't tell the whole story so what's in between the lines that would be helpful to know right now.
Thank you!



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Looking at it objectively, is OpenCart a viable solution when compared to a mature system like Drupal?
Drupal is an open source platform for building amazing digital experiences. It's made by a dedicated community. ..... and it will always be free.

ok, let me try: :D
OpenCart is just an OnlineShop Software, made by a 'private' Enterprise ..... and OC's income is generated by a percentage from Extension Sales, in Addition to some Services, like direct technical Support and Cloud. The basic OC Software is free of charge. Extensions are available, for free and paid, usually created, to match some 'default' OpenCart Version Source + Theme Code only, unless quoted otherwise. Developers are free, to create anything they like, OpenCart has no control whatsoever, on quality and/or compatibility of 3rd. Party Code, regardless of, if such Code, free or paid, is offered trough the official OC Channel, or in any other way.

Support is beeing offered by Opencart and 'private' Developers. Some free information and Code is available here and on many Websites, and also depending on the OC Version used. Whereby, lastest OpenCart Version FREE WISDOM is always a rather sparse Good, by Nature of things, since OC's only purpose is, to create Income, for everybody involved.

That's about, what you can expect, for free. Combined with a relatively cool Breeze, because most everyone is everbody else's competitor too, either as Shop Dev, or then as Shop User. It might therefore be a viable solution for you, if you codewise don't depend much on others, or NOT only believe in Latest is Best. OC is more an ongoing Development, not bound on, what existed before. And if a new Release arrives, anything Older is 'officially' of no importance anymore, and handled accordingly ... :'(

That's about it, as objectively as possible. :laugh: It might partly sound disturbing, but it's not, it only depends on someone's attitude, and basic Coder Knowledge. But it's just of no use, to have high expections, like you, possibly awaiting extended Comments, to then be confronted with a much harsher Reality.

But, as I mentioned already, OC has very little to do with a Goodwill Community of Friends, it's the Greenback, not the Feelings, what keeps the vast majority of People here in Place, and assisting others for free, once in a While. Marketing, just plain Marketing, like in real Life too ...

If you can live with that, good for you! ;)

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Post by metro_ » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:41 am

This is great, Ernie. Thank you!

I appreciate this response. It's quite honest and *does* help understand what one may come to expect. I will likely be doing most of this work myself so 'commercial' extensions really have to bring high value to me if it's going to be paid for. That said, small sums for extensions are certainly fair. I'm saddened to hear that support and forum discussion may not be as robust. End-users can't gauge the quality as easily without strong resources. I haven't been through this forum enough nor have I hit upon challenges yet. I just can't gauge what the support space loosk this time so your response if helpful.

I'll take a look around and at the marketplace and see if core + extensions fit what I need to do.

Thank you again!



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