Post by jpress69 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:43 am

So I am having an issue with my cc processor so I turned on cash on delivery and am taking off line payments. When orders are placed upon testing, they do not show up and when I go look for them they are set to cancel. No email is sent also, until I set it to processed.. I checked the settings and everything is set to pending or procesing. I've searched the forums and saw a few posts, but those things don't help me at all.. Any other ideas?

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Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:52 pm

Post by sheldondesouza » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:39 pm

Its a Quick fix.
Go to Extensions ( on Dashboard) > Extensions >Payments > Cash on delivery ( you will find it down )
And then there is an option there Order status > set it to Processing ( you can set what you like to be displayed on the admin order page like pending etc . But recommend it as processing )


Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:37 pm
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