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Thank you! I think I understand how this works. Seems like an easy enough way to handle mods to core files.
by mona wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:34 am
Yes there is that possibility. There is also the possibility that should this happen VQMOD will return.
Anyway, we are mere mortals .. This example would be this. Then you just add to this single file for all your language files.


You save this as install.xml
You zip up and call it language (the OCMOD.ZIP is the important bit) upload in install. Modifications (clear &) refresh.

OC3.0.3.6 has a bug in the modification refresh for twig files (this is not a twig its a php, but just FYI). There are a few fixes around, but .. I always tell people to go into the log and press clear first anyway - then top right refresh (the bug is the refresh clear function doesn’t clear twig files) .. clean tidy and gets rid of all the previous refresh data, which you don’t need if you have a quick check through there are no NOT FOUND or ABORTS in the list (which is how you check there are no conflicts / errors ).

I attached a copy so you can just try it.
Here you can read ... ion-System

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