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Hi! I want to ask you an opinion, advise or whatever you think I can try to get a grouped filter.
I saw this site: . On left side we have PARTS SEARCH. Nice and simple filter to find products. How do you think this filter is maked? With categories and subcategories or just with filters. With categories is simple to do that but is that possible to do it in other way?

Little example with default filters:
I have 2 filters:
YEAR -> 2019, 2020
1 product ( car part ) that is compatible with BRAND 1 ( 2019 ) and BRAND 2 ( 2020 )
Problem with default filters is that I select BRAND 1 and YEAR 2020 it's still show me the product, but it's not compatible with BRAND 1 ( 2020 )

So the question is how to do that without categories? Is it possible on opencart? Sorry if I didn't explain well.

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