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I am using Opencart 3.0.2 and I was trying to add a favicon to the admin/view/template/common/header.twig file, instead of doing the usual <link rel="icon" href="image/favicon.png" />, I edited line 6 in that file from <base href="{{ base }}" /> to <base href="image/favicon.png" /> and refreshed modifications. Now the admin page is not displaying correctly and neither the refresh button for modification or clear cache buttons for dashboard is showing.
How can I refresh modification and clear caches (both theme and sass) without the buttons?
I have attached an image of how the admin page looks like now.


Screenshot_2019-08-17 Dashboard.png

Screenshot_2019-08-17 Dashboard.png (79.45 KiB) Viewed 247 times

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I'm sure you know, but just in-case: The base tag is nothing like and bares absolutely no similarity to the link tag. Change your base tag back and insert the link tag you already mentioned to change your favicon ;)

To clear the caches you should be able to just deletre /system/storage/cache/

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