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I'm using the template MarketShop to make a website, and I've added 4 modules to the bottom of my homepage by going to Extensions -> Extensions -> Modules -> MarketShop Product Tab and adding the modules there. Is there a way of making the modules closer together so they're not spread out so far apart? I've added an image below to help illustrate it a bit better.

Also how can I change the name of each module? I have managed to change it to 'NATURE' by going to, in File Manager, Public Html -> Catalog -> Language -> en-gb-> Extension-> Modules -> Product-Tabs, and changing the code to the code below, but it changes ALL the modules to 'NATURE', when I'd like one module to be NATURE, one to be ANIMALS, one to be BUILDINGS etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :)

$_['tab_latest'] = 'Latest';
$_['tab_bestseller'] = 'Bestseller';
$_['tab_featured'] = 'NATURE';
$_['tab_special'] = 'Special';




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For each Tab should read the Name give in Module title.

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