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I've enabled the Google reCaptcha extension and created a Google a profile for a v2 selectionbox "i'm not a robot" and used the generated keys in the extension
Then enabled Captcha at store settings for register and contact.

At the frontend page, the captcha is displayed correctly at both pages like expected.
However you can submit both forms without using the checkbox.

The basic captcha is working fine and preventing the form submission but we prefer to use the Google version.

I can't find any related topic in the forum if this is a known issue in or am I doing something wrong?
Except for the stylesheet I didn't make any changes to the source code or any other files.


SOLVED: Seems to be fixed: When in the same browser the backend is logged on than reCaptcha isn't checked. When I open an inprivate browser then it's working fine.Answer found after more searching in similar topic viewtopic.php?t=207560



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Yeah, it will be because you are logged in as an administrator account in the admin panel.

Glad you figured it out :crazy:

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