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Let me start by expressing how much I admire the OpenCart framework. It's very well structured and thought-out, I've been playing with it for two years and, as an aspiring web developer I'm really fascinated by the beauty of it. I've had several clients who I created websites for using different versions of OpenCart (Mainly and a few 3.0.x, and they all work really well with some amazing extensions that I've used throughout.

Lately I've been thinking to invest more into OpenCart and try to develop some extensions on my own. But my god, the documentation for developers is so lackluster! I've spent so much time researching around the web for simple things that should be way more accessible for the developers looking to learn.

The official OC documentation page is so bare-bones and lacking, to the point that it feels like a joke. The whole developers section consists of 3 pages that barely scratch the surface of how OC works, with broken outdated links (Talking about HostJars).

I've purchased some ebooks on OC 1.5.x and OC 2.x module development that felt really basic and left me with more questions than I initially had. There are also a few low quality videos on YouTube that barely helped, So I've resorted to dissecting existing OC extensions and slowly trying to figure out how everything works, but carefully reading through thousands of lines of code in multiple files for every extensions is very energy and time-consuming and it has been leading me to more frustration than knowledge, and I'm really heartbroken that such an amazing software is lacking the community support it deserves, perhaps if the developer support was more friendly and inviting, it would improve the community situation.

As a developer I completely understand that vanilla OpenCart is very stable and that most problems appear from the poor coding of 3rd-party extensions, or the lack of compatibility between each other, and I try to "band-aid" some modules by modifying their code where I'm knowledgeable, but it's very difficult and frustrating when there are more complex extensions that do a many operations and there's no explanation on how they work.

Do you have any advice on how I can learn more about OC in a more efficient and productive manner? I'm really passionate and willing to invest my time into it, I just can't do it in the current situation.

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Mozartino wrote:
Tue May 21, 2019 6:11 am
Do you have any advice on how I can learn more about OC in a more efficient and productive manner?
I wrote a blog article about that here: ... evelopers/

But mostly it's a case of reading the source code and working with it.

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I personally don't think any documentation regarding OC framework is required. This is not Joomla or WordPress, this is just another generic MVC based framework. You learn it by reading the code, as Paul said.

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I'm really heartbroken that such an amazing software
is lacking the community support it deserves ...
Well, just better look at OC from an Online Seller Point of View,
and forget about dreaming about a Seller Community, or even
worse, a Community of OC Developers. :laugh:

OC is all about Competition, it's a Tool to sell, but sure not, to
unite the World. In Contrary, everbody is everybody's potential
Competitor, and only Fools would share their hard earned Business
Knowledge with others, just for the plain Fun of it.

It just has to be accepted, and one should be happy, to even receive
free Assistance. But better don't expect it, or then, start, and come
here, to share, what one knows about OC, like some do. But it's a
very small Minority, and about 99.x Percent of all only TAKE, but
seldom or never give something back, to that socalled Community.
One of them is around 18 hours per day, but the handful of Mods he
offers, only come for paid ... ::) :-*

OC is like real Life, everybody is talking about, how it should be done,
but when it comes to take real action, most all sit back and wait ... :laugh:

So, better don't take it personal, it's just regular Human Behaviour.
And those, able and willing to succeed, have to do it on their own, by
Use of Google, and possible Support by some Pro's, like anywhere else,
when someone plans, to create some Income out of something, what
at least basically comes for free.
Good Luck! ;)

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