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Hello, I'm brand new to OpenCart, not a coder, but have built websites 20 years ago, and have used apps like Wordpress.

I'm looking at various extensions for reward point systems, which usually mean make a purchase and earn some amount of points with the purchase that can be used to order products in the future - that's not exactly what I'm searching for.

I currently have a Patreon with varying payment tiers that I plan to assign x amount of download credits with tier purchase. I may opt to do this as part of the membership to my content site, and skip Patreon altogether.

What I want to build is an ecommerce site that sells products exclusively via a point system. Members who join for varying amounts of monthly subscription fee purchase x number of points with every month's subscription fee. Then they enter the store and select items they want to purchase using points only - no cash transactions at all, by spending an amount of credits subtracted from their monthly purchase total. At monthly subscriber signup is the only place they gain points to spend, and the only time there is a money transaction. I also want to be able to make special offers where I can grant x number of points as bonus to any and all subscribers based on the promotion.

What tools or extensions can you recommend for me to accomplish this - or do need to outsource for custom coding to achieve this?



Sun May 12, 2019 5:10 am
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