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dont think i have managed to get this plugin to ever work..

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Fatal error: Uncaught Twig_Error_Loader: Unable to find template "default/template/mail/reminders_products.twig" (looked into: /home4/blocks1/ in /home4/ Stack trace: #0 /home4/ Twig_Loader_Filesystem->findTemplate('default/templat...') #1 /home4/ Twig_Loader_Filesystem->getCacheKey('default/templat...') #2 /home4/ Twig_Environment->getTemplateClass('default/templat...', NULL) #3 /home4/storage/modification/system/library/template/twig.php(42): Twig_Environment->loadTemplate('default/templat...') #4 /home4/storage/modification/system/library/template.php(59): Template\Twig->render('default/templat...', '1') #5 /home4/storage/modification/system/eng in /home4/ on line 215

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2019-03-28 11:04:04 - PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: page in /home4/ on line 73
updated the plugin again, getting the above errors..

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Post by straightlight » Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:39 am

Contact the extension developer to resolved this issue.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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