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So I've looked around a bit and haven't really found a resolution. I've followed the instructions for adding your store to your account and then adding your username and api secret to your store and it doesn't seem to be functioning as it should. I've had 2 different results on 2 different environments. The first was a local dev environment:

MacOS Mojave 10.14.3
MAMP Pro 5.2.2
PHP 7.2.10
MySQL 5.7.23

By default there were already extensions in the marketplace showing but where the cog normally is to add your api credentials there was an ! and a tooltip saying the signature hash does not match. After credentials were added and the save button hit nothing seemed to change.

I then decided to try it out on one of my digital ocean cloud servers and try my luck:

CentOS 7.5 x64
Plesk Onyx 17.8.11
PHP 7.3.2
MySql 5.5.60-1.el7_5

This time there were no extensions in the marketplace by default and it actually showed the cog instead of the notice about the signature hash not matching but still the same results trying to save api credentials ... no changes.

I don't expect anyone to put too much effort into looking into this for me but more so curious as to general knowledge or known issues. Or perhaps where these credentials are being written to. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated.


Made the following modifications to both environments to see if the credentials were saved and the Username and API Secret matched and they did. Unfortunately I'm still having the same issues.



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Since you are using OC v3.0.3.1 and that you claim your API credentials are working and cannot see any product results from the API afterwards, I would suggest to address this issue on GitHub.

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