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Hi all,
Yes I have an earlier post but the only suggestion offered was to assume the issue is due to the installed Quick Checkout Extension.
Site is the current with a Stripe Payment and Quick Checkout Extension installed.
I have tested the Voucher Transaction with and without the Quick Checkout extension.
The trail of the issue:
First the gift voucher was created and the only payment options were PayPal and Stripe, No Transactions that Zero'd the balance would complete because 'No payment options' were available. Thanks to this forum I enabled Free Checkout.
So once the Free Checkout was enabled it completes any transaction that has a Gift Voucher deducting the amount due in the Cart and creating a Zero Balance in the Checkout Cart.

However there is NO Gift Voucher Balance Deduction and NO History of the Order.
As I find NOTHING searching forum about my 2 related issues I must NOT have something set up correctly in configuration?

Can this be the first time anyone has offered Gift Vouchers with the $value large enough to deduct Amount Due in the Cart to a Balance of Zero? it is a Bug?

One last detail;
The Gift Voucher I am using to Test has a $value of $660, I have tested transactions of $220, a $110 and $15 purchase. The Transaction says it Completed!
However there is NO History; so the Orders would never be pulled and Shipped!!!
The 3 transactions $$ amounts were NOT DEDUCTED from the $660 Gift Voucher original $value

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